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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

VMLite - Alternative for Windows 7 XP Mode.

I downloaded VMLite, which is only 54MB in size. It has build in feature to download Windows XP disc (about 500MB) from internet. I install it in my Windows 7 64 bit.

To my surprise, it does not need any driver to run, only bad things is it does not detect my NVIDIA card, so it is a bit laggy when you move around windows. It use VMLite build in feature to support the display driver, which is terrible enough, like you haven't install any video card. I try install Nvidia XP driver, but it reject it, maybe the card is used by Windows 7, not sure though.

VMLite main function is to run program that not compatible with Windows 7, and decent game is not supported as no graphic card detected in VMLite. I think I won't need to use VMLite, for now, as Windows 7 currently support lots of program. Only very old program that Windows NT / 2000 based that can't be supported by Windows 7.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Completely backup your firefox

If you want to reinstall firefox, you may find it troublesome to reinstall all add-on you installed before, and reenter Username, password etc...

Now, there's a solution for that.


FEBE will completely backup your profile, including cookies, bookmarks etc... depend on your selection, so you can restore it after you reinstall firefox.

It's great firefox add-on for me as I always reformat, and this will ease me a lot.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cool firefox add-on

I just found a firefox add-on that increase overall firefox performance. I tried it and page load with really visible faster speed.


It's still in prototype/Alpha/Beta stage and not yet recognized by public, but I tried and it's really nice. Be sure to read the TOS first, because there're important warning that you may want to take note.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rapidshare throttled

I already know this a month ago, just I lazy to update my blog :p

I think streamyx want P1 WIMAX to gain customer. They now start throttle rapidshare download, which is a very disappointing and bad for most of rapidshare user including me.

Besides that, Megaupload and some other file hosting site also throttled. At lowyat forum, there are places that already gain normal speed for rapidshare download, as for here at Kangar, Perlis, I still find it only about 10kbps.

There are ways to bypass ISP throttle I found this method in lowyat forum.


I not yet try it because download from hotfile still fast, and I don't have rapidshare premium account.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2 optimal video setting for NVIDIA Geforce 9300m GS

I have play COD6: Modern Warfare 2, and it's awesome like version before.

If you want to have both performance and graphic beauty, follow this settings for 9300m gs card only.

I get average 35 fps for my 512 MB 9300m GS with these settings:
Resolution - 800 x 600 (If want higher resolution, should disable AA).
Anti-aliasing - 4x
Texture - Automatic / all Extra (put medium or high for 256MB 9300m GS).

Additional info : 9300m GS almost same as 6600GT, which is minimum system requirement for COD 4, 5 and 6, but 9300m GS better at handling newer game.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

TuneUp Utilities 2010 is out.

I have been using TuneUp Utilities since 2007 version, and can say that each version has visible improvement compare with previous version.

Version 2010 is Windows 7 compatible, which is 1 of the reason I like it because I hardly use 2009 on my Windows 7. This version also introduce turbo mode that disable some unnecessary function to increase FPS of game. Its new live optimization increase system respond rate by increase or decrease priority of program depends on their power consumption.

To download go here:


Note that update the version may cause key to be blacklisted and unable to use anymore.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Turn your laptop into a wifi host (Windows 7 only)

Do you ever want to share internet with others, but ad-hoc makes problem with those bugs that Microsoft not much care about it?

Well, connectify solve this problem. It takes advantage of new improvement at Windows 7 to turn your laptop or PC (as long as have up-to-date wireless card) into a virtual hotspot host. Also, it supports more than 1 person to connect simultaneously to your laptop, so everyone can enjoy using internet.

Connectify still in beta stage, but I have use it for some time, and not yet discover any bug. It requires password to ON the hotspot, so put in the password. Short password normally won't work as it not allow short password. To get connectify, go here:


It's free too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Installing Windows 7 64 bit from USB drive

Not long ago I install Windows 7 32 bit and the result is good.

Since my processor is capable for 64 bit operating system, I will give 64 bit a try. It is newer technology which allow more that 4GB RAM to be used. 32 bit OS only allow maximum 3.0GB RAM to be used.

This time, to save DVD, I use my 4GB pen-drive as a DVD. It was done using WinToFlash software. And, I install my 64 bit Windows 7 a lot faster than using DVD.

Trying 64 bit, I notice less difference in performance, and very little software incompatible (Can't use Sandboxie only). Since my laptop is not old, I have all my drivers download from Windows Update.

As for games, there has no improvement for me. I think there are some improvement for certain games, and vice versa. I see in several forum saying that RAM usage is higher, but for me, I see no change in RAM usage in idle compare with 32 bit.

As a conclusion, I recommend 64 bit for users that has higher than 3.0GB RAM. Else, there are no advantage using 64 bit except very little program incompatible.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fix MSN taskbar bug at Windows Seven.

I install latest MSN messenger at my windows seven. I start MSN, and to close windows, I press X at top right of MSN windows.

After I close all windows of MSN, it appears to be somehow 'pinned' at my taskbar. It won't go to notification area where it used to appear when we close the windows.

If I right click at taskbar, and choose 'Close all windows', MSN will exit.

The solution is run MSN Messenger in compatibility mode. I Open MSN file location, right click, properties, compatibility tab, and choose Windows XP SP3. I then open MSN Messenger and close all its windows. And, it now appear at notification area.

You may choose compatibility mode with others, but it works for me at compatibility mode with XP SP3.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Windows Se7en

I install Windows Se7en MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) days ago. Like what I expect, windows 7 very smooth and explorer.exe rarely (I not yet encounter) hang and need to be restarted using task manager.

In conclusion, I like Se7en more than XP (no aero glass effect) and Vista (buggy). But, recently when I play full screen games, it becomes not full screened. Hard to understand? Take a look at this:

I ask at several forums, but fail to get the answer. Finally, I try to do setting at everything that deals with resolution, and I found my solution at my NVIDIA Control Panel.

Now, I am 100% satisfy with Windows Se7en. Have a try.

Download (mediafire) : http://www.warez-bb.org/viewtopic.php?t=3259605&highlight=
Activation (megaupload) : http://www.warez-bb.org/viewtopic.php?t=3218644&start=0

Monday, August 17, 2009

Format preinstalled vista laptop to XP (Downgrade)

I used vista for some times, and I notice its explorer always hang. I have to restart explorer at task manager, and results in some icon missing in taskbar beside clock.

So, I tried reformat my Dell Inspiron 1427 from Vista to XP. To my surprice, when I put in XP CD and boot it at BIOS, it give me blue screen (BSOD). I try to find solution from everywhere. Finally, I found out where my problem is.

My SATA hard disk connect type is ACHI, which is not supported by XP. The XP CD I have just support ATA type. ACHI is newer so it is faster, and I found out that the driver can be installed in XP. So, I decided to change SATA type at BIOS from ACHI to ATA. Finally, no BSOD shows and I managed to format into XP.

I have the driver CD provided when I bought my laptop. And, I am surprise again when the driver mostly not compatible with XP. I try google search and found nothing. I think DELL does not create any XP driver for newer laptop. So, I have to format back become Vista.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nvidia Geforce 9300M GS latest driver

Last post I told that I bought a new laptop that is Dell Inspiron 1427.

Just now I download the latest driver of Ndivia Geforce 9M driver that is 186.03.


I test it on my laptop although it says need confirm with Dell whether is supported driver. The result is it installed without any problem. In fact, I try play Tomb Raider Underworld which is a quite high demanding game. It really increase fps when I play the game, the different is really visible. I can now enjoy smoother game play.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My hostel internet speed

Many students always saying that the hostel I am staying at now has terribly slow internet. I say yes, because I feel the pain too. School limit bandwidth per house and block lots of things.

But, I change my mind after I update my Adobe Reader, which is educational things. Know what, I get download whole 27.6MB file in less than 15 seconds. I measure my bandwidth with cfosspeed, which is a bandwidth controller and optimizer software. It will measure download and upload speed precisely.

Below is the proof. See the orange bar is download speed. 1.9Mbps !! It can get to 2.2Mbps.

I don't know how university get such fast internet. Streamyx only provide highest 4M package, which in real speed only maximum 400-500kbps. I think university paralleling streamyx packages.

The fast internet speed should give us quite fast speed. I think got hacker hack bandwidth so he can enjoy fast speed alone, downloading things, causing others to get very very slow internet speed. Please.... teach me also XD.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changing new laptop.

Recently I changed my laptop to Dell Inspiron 1427 with Nvidia Geforce 9300m GS. I bought it with RM 2700 and sell my old laptop which is Acer Aspire 4710 with RM900.

The only reason is GMA 950 can't play decent game, and Nvidia Geforce 9300m GS can play quite current game with low quality.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to download like rapidshare premium account without having one.

Recently I found way to download from rapidshare, easyshare, megaupload, megashare and some other famous file hosting site like premium user FOR FREE!!

You no need install anything. Just visit this site and you can download with 2 parallel speed, without speed limit. Free user only 1 parallel download.

The site is :


You will know how to do once enter the website.

Please take note that sometime the site will have 0MB left for download from one of the free file hosting site. Please wait, the site will refresh with new account next day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Gear the Stig

I read newspaper this morning and found out that the Stig in Top Gear show is Micheal Schumacher.

I watch Top Gear show on Sunday, because there has no other better show to watch that time, and I "fall in love" to that show after some time.

I quickly check youtube for the Stig revealed scene. But, some people critic that the Stig isn't Schumacher. He just wearing the Stig shirts that time. But true or not, I think I won't found out. But, I did found some picture that proves the critism is true.

Depends on you all how to see this picture. For me, I believe that the Stig isn't Micheal Schumacher.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Volume Shadowstorage for Vista User

Volume Shadowstorage is a shadow storage for system restore only on vista operating system.

By default, it will take up to 15% of hard disk space. Before that, I have no idea on this things, and I wonder why my hard disk space less and less by day. I use disk cleanup and clear everything, yet my problem not solved. Until yesterday, my hard disk space reach 0 byte. This shocked me for a while, so I google to search solution.

After some while, I found this post :

I follow steps of Fat Jonny and it solves my problem.

For your information, cleanup system restore point here won't solve your problem.

You need do it at command prompt follow steps by follow Fat Jonny instruction:

[[[This has been asked a number of times. As mentioned above it's because of system restore points. You can limit the amount of disk space used by system restore like this:

Open a command line as administrator and type this to see how much disk space is allocated:

vssadmin list shadowstorage

Now type this to change it:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /on=[drive]: /for=[drive]: /maxsize=[size]

For example, to limit to 1GB on C:, you would type this:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /on=C: /for=C: /maxsize=1GB]]]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Installing Eset Antivirus 4.0 with NodLogin

To install Eset Antivirus on your PC, make sure you uninstall all antivirus on your computer first. Eset Antivirus not include firewall protection, so please remember to enable windows firewall if you have no third party firewall installed.

First, download from this link


After that extract the file. You will get install and NodLogin.

Follow the instruction and when it ask for key, check set up parameter later.

When finish install, open NodLogin, and it will find a key for u. During install, choose manual mode. After install NodLogin, open NodLogin on your desktop. It will find a key for you. It's all done when it says you can update now. Open your Eset Antivirus and update.

The key NodLogin provide has due date, so when the key has dead, double click again NodLogin and it will find new key for you.

Sometimes Eset will blacklist the key, so you can delete username and password, then open again NodLogin on your desktop. It will find new key for you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Windows Vista SP2 available for download.

Recently I download an operating system called Windows Vista SP2 and using it right now. I found not much different with SP1, just you no need download so much windows update for it. All bugs already fixed with approximately 440 fixes. That's a quite high fixes.

If you wanted better UAC and expect it at SP2, then you will be disappointed. The UAC still same, and again I have to disable it. I really hope UAC in Vista works like Smart UAC Replacement.

Last time I try on Windows Se7en and Microsoft did change something in Se7en, make it not so 'noisy', but still not meet my taste.

New things in Vista SP2 includes Blue Ray Technology, and others which you all can know by just googling around.

To download it you will need to go here:


I take about 8 hours to download the file, which has about 3GB in full ISO.

Screen shots:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Play Dota without disable windows firewall

If windows firewall blocks a connection, it will prompt you for action. But if you play Dota at LAN, windows firewall will block it without any notice.

So, many people choose to close directly windows firewall or using alternative firewall. To be honest, although windows firewall is less security, but it is far not annoying that others firewall, and is good for gamer.

To use windows firewall and play LAN Dota together, just go to windows firewall at control panel.

Then go to Add Program, add war3.exe and Warcraft III. exe to exception list. and woloa, you can play LAN Dota with firewall on.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kaspersky 2009 and Eset Antivirus 4.0

I am fans of Kaspersky, but now I change to use Eset Antivirus. Being user of Kaspersky since 2006, I found out that Kaspersky is light and effective, but the newest version 2009 causing conflict to some software I like to use.

For example, when Kaspersky is on, I found that loading PowerISO main page, and right click on virtual drive in My Computer takes about 10 seconds to react. When I pause protection of Kaspersky, all goes fine, take less than 1 second to react. Later I go find forum, and found out that many shares same experience with me. That's not all, I heard that they say Kaspersky also conflict with some other softwares.

For gamer like me, LAN play is very common, so I use Eset Antivirus 4.0 instead of Eset Smart Security 4.0. Eset firewall is weird that it blocks LAN game. For example, if I host Dota, no one can see me, if someone else host, I also cannot see their server. Although the latest build 4.0 firewall has automatic filtering with exception that I set, I feel quite annoying changing around, switching the type of firewall protection. Since this type of firewall (with exception) is new, I did found some bugs, example is it acts like interacting filtering mode when I set it for automatic filtering mode with exception. So, I decided to use Eset Antivirus, with Windows Firewall. Trying all firewall, I feel like I love windows firewall the most, because less annoying, almost no bugs, quite (not noisy like other firewalls), although it may not so efficient compare with commercial firewall.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windows Seven RC has been released for public for free.

Windows Seven Release Candidate (RC) has been released, replace beta version, that is upgrade from 7077 beta to 7100 RC. Microsoft has open Seven RC download for public, which is more stable than previous version.

You can download free original copy from:

It will continue run until 1 March 2010. But for computer freaks like me, I may have reformat several times during this period, so I will just try it out. You can read the detail at the web page given.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dota latest map 6.60 Beta 45

Here's is the download link.

In this map Tauren Cheiftain skills are now available you can check them. There are a lots of Hero and Item changes and additions in this Dota 6.60 beta 45 map. Looks like IceFrog has done a lot of work on Dota Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 , Great Job IceFrog :)). You can download Dota Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 Map. Play and check Dota 6.60 Beta map Screenshots in meantime while waiting for Official Dota 6.60 release.. Enjoy!!!!

Referer : http://www.dota-utilities.com/2009/05/dota-660-beta-45-map-download-dota.html

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dota health viewer

Who want also can download. I upload this so that I can download and view hp without pressing Alt during dota gameplay at cybercafe, where this software is not available.

It's not a virus, although some antivirus may define it as virus or malware, as it behaves modifying file in Dota game.


Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/247601170/war3_hv.exe

Friday, May 1, 2009

Increase performance of Intel GMA 950

I currently use Intel GMA 945. Recently I heard that there are a software that can increase the performance of Intel GMA, named GMABooster.

I give it a try, clocked it at maximum 400MHz. When I play EURO 2008, I notice the graphic become smoother than before. It really works.


GMABooster is freeware, but the license die weekly, so you have to download updated free copy which also lasts a week. If you kind enough to donate, you will receive serial which registered the copy of your GMABooster forever.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Configure your router using internet browser.

In order to surf internet, you will need a router. To configure router using internet browser, first, open your internet browser. Then type in http://. For me I will type in as my IP address is .

It will most probably pop out a windows to put username and password. If you never change its password, you may need to open it using its default password. For TMnet streamyx, below is the default password for different router. Refer from:

1. ZTE modem

* IP Address:
* Username: ADSL
Password: expert03
* Username: ZXDSL
Password: ZXDSL
* Username: admin
Password: telekomst

2. KASDA modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: telekomst

3. ArtNet modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: telekomst
* Username: admin
Password: admin
* Username: admin
Password: password

4. Triz modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: aaaaaaaa

5. Aztech modem:

* IP Address: OR
* Username: admin
Password: blank
* Username: admin
Password: password
* Username: admin
Password: admin

6. Billion modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: password

7. Huawei modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: admin

8. Hyundai HSE-220 Modem:

* IP Address:
* Username: ADSL
Password: ADSL
* Username: admin
Password: ADSL
* Username: root
Password: root

9. Riger DB102:

* IP Address:
* Username: tmadmin
Password: tmadmin


* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: admin

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make XP icon appear like vista

I used to be vista user. Now i switch back to XP and I really not comfortable with XP small icons on desktop.

Today I will share with you all how to make XP icon bigger.

First, right click on anywhere on desktop and select properties. A window named Display Properties will be shown.

Then, go to Appearance tab and click on Effects. Thick on all the selection inside Effect windows.
There you go, big icon like vista appear on desktop. To make the word below icon bigger (for easy viewing), change to font size to Large Fonts under appearance tab.

However, you will notice that the distance between icons will still little and not suite the large icon. Distance between icons will be changed automatically by XP after you restart your computer.

To be remind that this trick will not work with WindowBlinds.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Game to introduce.


Try this. Very fun. Too bad there is not much servers at Malaysia.



Try it. I am currently at world Ny. See you all there.