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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Portal 2 on nvidia geforce 9300m gs

Not long ago I have played game Portal, which is game from Valve. It's a puzzle game, where you are a protagonist and given a portal gun, by which you can fire at a flat white plane, then fire another shot at another flat white plane, and you can go through as if both the plane is connected.

It's a fun puzzle game. If you scare spoiler, don't continue read this paragraph. It's more fun especially until the last level, you try to escape from evil robot that try to kill you, and you will eventually destroy the robot.

Portal 1 is 2006 game, so my Nvidia 9300m gs still very capable to handle it.

Luckily, Portal 2 haven't upgrade much graphic yet, and I still be able to play at around 25-30 fps depends on the condition (smoky, big area will drop fps more). It's definitely playable at lowest setting. If you use 9300m gs laptop, you will be able to play at all set to lowest. I have set that way, else the fps will be unplayable, or not enjoyable.

Well, I haven't finish play yet. I just download it today, and played 1 hour +. Not planning to finish it so fast, have to slowly enjoy it. It has about 6 hours gameplay if you a professional, so for me I think it would be around 8 hours gameplay.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOT - a recommended addon for all your browsers.

WOT, also called Web of Trust, is a firefox add-on the recommend to a site. I used it about a year already, and it never fail me at notifying me about the reputation of a website. It's a cumulative data that is voted by WOT users. After you install WOT, you can vote too.

As see at picture beside, google.com.my is a trusted website. It's voted green by users, and the human figures in 5/5. So you can definitely trust it.

I encountered some website that has 5/5 human figures, but the circle is red, just like picture beside. So, I kind of confuse at this part. So, I made my conclusion assume that human figures indicate how many persons has voted for it in a ratio (eg. 3 human figures means 3 millions voting), and the circle colour is average colour that people vote. This is my assumption only, don't believe it 100%, i will update when i got the answer. But, what you can 100% trust when you got green circle and 5/5 human figures.

You can download WOT here for firefox user. For non-firefox usage, you can download WOT at its homepage. It supports all popular browser.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Subscribed to feedburner

My blog can now be accessed here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Understand your IP, and set statis IP address to ensure constant internet supply

How to know if you have statis or dynamic IP ? If you just type in password and connect to the internet, you will get dynamic IP.

Different between dynamic IP and statis IP is that, dynamic IP may changed after you restart your PC, while statis IP won't change. Dynamic IP is assigned to you by DHCP at modem, and usually your IP will be the same if no one else took your IP. When I stay at hostel, there's so many students sharing same internet, so bad that DHCP can't assign empty IP for me and other students. We have to type in static IP, and we need to try a lot of times for that. Why? Let me explain.

As an example, see picture embedded. I have set my IP to be static. My static IP is The 103 is a unique number for me, so the person who share internet with me have to take other number. They will have to use, or ... until limit at This means that there's a maximum of 255 people can share the same modem, but there's very rare that this will happen for normal use.

IP address 192.168.1.x is given by ISP, and you need refer your modem for that. Different modem may have different numbers.

Below IP address is Subnet mask. It normally is, by which your PC will auto fill in for you.

Default gateway is the node to connect to the internet. It provides an entry point and an exit point in a network. It's provided by ISP, and it's "the number that connect to internet". When you type http:// , eg for me, I will be able to access modem and edit its settings.

DNS server is a server to help you find a website. For example you type www.google.com. Internet won't understand, because it's in abc. Also, google website is in numbers too. Try run "ping www.google.com" and you will get numbers instead of abc. DNS help to to access to google by changing www.google.com to . You can always type in address bar to access google, but you will have problem to remember those numbers. So DNS help you to access the page without the need for you to remember them.

My first choice DNS server is, which given by my ISP. It has lowest ping, thus will 'decrypt' faster for me, thus increase my browsing rate. My second choice is, which is a google DNS server. It's quite low ping for me too. You can run a test to determine best DNS for you here.