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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

VMLite - Alternative for Windows 7 XP Mode.

I downloaded VMLite, which is only 54MB in size. It has build in feature to download Windows XP disc (about 500MB) from internet. I install it in my Windows 7 64 bit.

To my surprise, it does not need any driver to run, only bad things is it does not detect my NVIDIA card, so it is a bit laggy when you move around windows. It use VMLite build in feature to support the display driver, which is terrible enough, like you haven't install any video card. I try install Nvidia XP driver, but it reject it, maybe the card is used by Windows 7, not sure though.

VMLite main function is to run program that not compatible with Windows 7, and decent game is not supported as no graphic card detected in VMLite. I think I won't need to use VMLite, for now, as Windows 7 currently support lots of program. Only very old program that Windows NT / 2000 based that can't be supported by Windows 7.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Completely backup your firefox

If you want to reinstall firefox, you may find it troublesome to reinstall all add-on you installed before, and reenter Username, password etc...

Now, there's a solution for that.


FEBE will completely backup your profile, including cookies, bookmarks etc... depend on your selection, so you can restore it after you reinstall firefox.

It's great firefox add-on for me as I always reformat, and this will ease me a lot.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cool firefox add-on

I just found a firefox add-on that increase overall firefox performance. I tried it and page load with really visible faster speed.


It's still in prototype/Alpha/Beta stage and not yet recognized by public, but I tried and it's really nice. Be sure to read the TOS first, because there're important warning that you may want to take note.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rapidshare throttled

I already know this a month ago, just I lazy to update my blog :p

I think streamyx want P1 WIMAX to gain customer. They now start throttle rapidshare download, which is a very disappointing and bad for most of rapidshare user including me.

Besides that, Megaupload and some other file hosting site also throttled. At lowyat forum, there are places that already gain normal speed for rapidshare download, as for here at Kangar, Perlis, I still find it only about 10kbps.

There are ways to bypass ISP throttle I found this method in lowyat forum.


I not yet try it because download from hotfile still fast, and I don't have rapidshare premium account.