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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My hostel internet speed

Many students always saying that the hostel I am staying at now has terribly slow internet. I say yes, because I feel the pain too. School limit bandwidth per house and block lots of things.

But, I change my mind after I update my Adobe Reader, which is educational things. Know what, I get download whole 27.6MB file in less than 15 seconds. I measure my bandwidth with cfosspeed, which is a bandwidth controller and optimizer software. It will measure download and upload speed precisely.

Below is the proof. See the orange bar is download speed. 1.9Mbps !! It can get to 2.2Mbps.

I don't know how university get such fast internet. Streamyx only provide highest 4M package, which in real speed only maximum 400-500kbps. I think university paralleling streamyx packages.

The fast internet speed should give us quite fast speed. I think got hacker hack bandwidth so he can enjoy fast speed alone, downloading things, causing others to get very very slow internet speed. Please.... teach me also XD.

1 comment:

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