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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Windows Vista SP2 available for download.

Recently I download an operating system called Windows Vista SP2 and using it right now. I found not much different with SP1, just you no need download so much windows update for it. All bugs already fixed with approximately 440 fixes. That's a quite high fixes.

If you wanted better UAC and expect it at SP2, then you will be disappointed. The UAC still same, and again I have to disable it. I really hope UAC in Vista works like Smart UAC Replacement.

Last time I try on Windows Se7en and Microsoft did change something in Se7en, make it not so 'noisy', but still not meet my taste.

New things in Vista SP2 includes Blue Ray Technology, and others which you all can know by just googling around.

To download it you will need to go here:


I take about 8 hours to download the file, which has about 3GB in full ISO.

Screen shots:

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