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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dual boot hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1427

Note: Backup all your data first. I personally tested working fine, however, I will not responsible for any damage caused. LOL of course :p.

Note: You need understand hackintosh phrase first, eg kext, EFI etc... so you will be easier later. Useful website include tonymac, osx86 wiki, insanelymac. I not using tonymac method because it fail to boot for my laptop.

Hackintosh is installing a macintosh on a non-apple computer/laptop. For me, I installed hackintosh on my Dell Inspiron 1427. It's not an easy work, took me 5 days for it, with 2 days preparation, thus 1 week time. Most of the time is used for troubleshooting. If you have same laptop as me, or nearly the same brand with me, you can try my methods. However, wifi still most of the time can't work.

System spec: Dell motherboard, Nvidia Geforce 9300m gs, Broadcom 4312 wlan 1397 mini card. You may need another PC to google your problem when your PC is being installed with hackintosh.

I installed a non-vanilla hackintosh. Vanilla install is a direct macintosh installed on PC using real mac DVD from retail store. A non-vanilla hackintosh is also called distro, which there are experts install modification and hack into real mac DVD, so that it can be installed easier to most of Intel/AMD based laptop/PC.

For me, I use distro provided by Hazard, iPC OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel.AMD SSE2.SSE3. I not yet try vanilla install because vanilla install require a lot of self work in terminal (DOS) and a lot of knowledge, which will took a lot of time. It's believed that vanilla install will be faster due to less unnecessary hacks in distro. Distro will include all hacks/mods to satisfy all type of laptop/PC, thus will have more 'rubbish' that slow down its performance.

If you want to dual boot with Windows 7, you may need to repartition your hardisk. Use Windows 7 build in "Disk Management" to create a free partition. Then, you will need Parted Magic (a linux bootable in RAM) to use gparted build in to format the partition you want install hackintosh to hfs+. If you not format the partition to hfs+/hfs, you won't be able to see harddisk during hackintosh installation. Get Parted Magic here.

After you have Parted Magic iso, you can either burn on CD or use USB to boot. I use USB. Create USB contain Parted Magic using UnetBootin. Google it.

Then, boot the USB contain Parted Magic. You need to set your BIOS to boot from USB. Google how if you don't know. Use default when a blue page with option come out, or just press enter (it will choose default). A linux will be booted which run on RAM. At desktop, select GParted. Then proceed with partitioning your harddisk. Beware you may lost data if you not careful. Backup first in case. GParted is easy to use. Partition your hackintosh partition to hfs+. Then reboot.

Now start with the installation part. I will shorten up with the successful path. First, disable USB BIOS support at your BIOS. If you don't know what is BIOS, google it. Tips: press F2 or F6 or F12 when your PC first start.  Disable USB BIOS support will make your DVD bootable, if not you will stuck before enter installation page.

Second, boot the DVD. Press F8 when it asks for, with countdown 10s. Press -v (verbose mode, so you can see what it do, if no -v, you will only see apple logo with loading screen. It's useful to troubleshoot what make your installation hang), then enter. Optionally, you can just boot if your have same laptop as me, because it will boot without hang at halfway.

Third, you will see apple install screen. Go to Disk Utilities (search at menu bar at top). Partition your hackintosh harddisk to HFS+ (Journeled). I forgot the spelling already, because I am writting it out of my memory. Then keep 'next' until you see a customize button at bottom left. Select this option. Follow the guide completely, include delete NVEnabler after finish install. Then, next and your DVD will start running and installing.

After finish install, you will restart. If you dual boot, you most probably find boot:0 done, then will boot to windows. For this, it's due to you not set hackintosh partition to active. There's only one partition BIOS will see and boot from there. Your BIOS now see Windows 7 partition as active, so it will boot Windows MBR, and not find EFI of hackintosh. EFI is like BIOS of hackintosh. To solve this, you need to follow this method. After that, you will be able to boot into Chameleon (same as Windows MBR). At Chameleon page, you will be able to boot into Windows MBR, thus you no need to do anything further, such as fix Windows boot and MBR.

Boot to apple. You will get welcome page with a lot of welcome message . Continue step by step. At create user page, don't enter password and password hint. Insert later, because I get stuck there entering password and password hint. Then you will be able to boot into your hackintosh.

Now you had finish dual boot hackintosh and windows 7. I will proceed with other tweaking and enhancement on the next few chapters, if possible. Below is my final screenshot, at current date, on my Dell Inspiron 1427. I had moved my dock to right side, because dock at bottom consume more space, and make windows smaller.

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