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Friday, February 18, 2011

Macbuntu - turns your ubuntu to very Mac OS X like

I have posted that I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu at previous chapter. Not long ago, I stumble upon Macbuntu, which claims that it can make your Ubuntu looks like OS X. Due to a lot of positive reply, I decided to try.


Above is the link where I download macbuntu. The compressed file is in .tar.gz form. Extract it using embedded Linux decompressor to obtain a folder named Macbuntu-10.10. Inside got a file name install.sh. Open terminal (command prompt in Microsoft Windows). You can google for instruction on how to open the file in terminal, but I prefer simple way, that is drag the install.sh into terminal windows, then press enter.

You will be prompt to type your password to get root privilege, since Macbuntu reform your Ubuntu to very deep level. There'll be some question for you, and you should press y for yes and enter to continue with default selection. After that, it will auto restart.

You can see the screenshot at the homepage. It's easy to uninstall too, just drag uninstall.sh into terminal and you're back to Ubuntu original theme. It does what it claims and hopefully Kylebaker, who create Macbuntu even OS X alike than Mac4lin will continue his project.

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